Our new No Weld Trailer Rack System

Our new No Weld Trailer Rack System is now officially available and customers are talking. 

Here is what Kyle has to say about his No Weld Trailer Rack: “I am truly impressed with my rack. That kit is amazing!”  Our new rack bracket system adds a budget friendly, DIY approach to building a wide range of sturdy trailer racks.

At the core of the system are the Corner Connectors used for 90 degree joints and Base Plates for connecting the rack to the trailer. The other component is 1.5” square tubing with .120” wall.

The versatile DIY No Weld Trailer Rack System can be uses for many different applications.  They can be configured for hauling Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, Canoes, Bikes, Paddle Boards, and whatever toys you haul.  The system has been designed to be compatible with most standard Thule and Yakima accessories.

The next point of versatility is how you can purchase them.  We offer bracket sets through complete kits. With a bracket set, you then purchase your tubing locally, cut pieces to length, drill holes, paint and bolt together. We can also provide tubing cut to length or kits ready to paint and bolt together.  Exclusively from Compact Camping Trailers!

Close to Salem, OR and needing a Trailer Rack? Maybe something like Atom's for taking all his toys on camping adventures. 

Have you seen our new No Weld Trailer Rack System? Looking for some local trailers needing different rack types to work out details with and, in return, you receive free labor. If interested drop me a message, scott@cttct.com



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