DIY Trailer Racks

DIY Trailer Racks

DIY Trailer Racks No Weld Trailer Rack Kit

The DIY No Weld Trailer Racks Bracket System we introduced earlier this year has proved to be a budget friendly way to build sturdy homemade trailer racks.

The system is based on Corner Connectors used for 90 degree joints and Base Plates for connecting the rack to the trailer. The other key component is 1.5” square tubing.  We are also working on new components and accessories to expand the functionality of the trailer rack system.  Build the core with two hoops with connector bars to create a solid rack structure.

There are many trailer rack applications that our No Weld Trailer Rack Bracket System can be used for.  Racks can be added to many types of trailers and they can be setup to haul many items such as Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards, Bikes, Cargo Carriers, and more.

See more Customer No Weld Racks Here.  Also, more info on this thread:   No Weld Trailer Rack System.  

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How To Build a 4’ M416 Camping Trailer

How To Build a 4’ M416 Camping Trailer

We designed our Dinoot M-Series M416 camping trailer tub kits to have the same 40.5″ width that a M416 trailer has to be used as replacement tubs.  This also makes them the same width as a Harbor Freight 40.5″ x 48″ frame kit.  The Harbor Freight frames are perfectly sized for building a stubby 4′ M-Series M416.

Here is what a 4’ M416 camping trailer might look like:

M416 Trailer Build at home with a Dinoot M-Series Tub Kit


Here are a few ideas on how you could build one.

Using a Harbor Freight Haul-Master #62645 40.5" x 48" frame kit, I would first stretch the tongue with a piece of 2.5" square tube.

Harbor Freight Frame with Extended Tongue for M416 4 foot trailer

Add reinforcement plates where the tongue bolts to the cross-members is an important step.

M416 Trailer DIY with Dinoot Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit

Another possibility would be to make the tongue long enough for using a Harbor Freight receiver cargo basket as a front rack

M416 Trailer DIY with Harbor Freight Cargo Basket

M416 Trailer Harbor Freight Cargo Basket

The final piece is the tub kit.  Just like a full length M-Series M416 tub kit; you could build it with or without a tailgate.  We have done this for the 5' versions.  We cut the side panels to the proper length for you before sending them.

Here are the 6' and 5' version M-Series M416 trailer tubs.

M416 five and six foot versions from Dinoot Trailers

Just another way we can help you build the perfect trailer "Your Way"!

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How-to Build a Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer

How-to Build a Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer

We've had our game changing Fiberglass Jeep Style Tub Kits on the market for a while now.
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The DIY Explorer Box Camping Trailer

The DIY Explorer Box Camping Trailer

Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer

It has now been over 10 years since I built the first lightweight Explorer Box camping trailer and began showing people how-to build their own.

For me, it’s been like a rebirth from long ago home-built camping trailers people could build using information found in places like Popular Mechanics.  We are now the leading how-to experts in building compact camping trailers providing DIYers with construction guides, parts and many sources of information.

The Explorer Box design is inspired by the simplicity of vintage Tent Trailers with some Teardrop Trailer influences.  Our “Explorer Box Construction Manual” makes it simple to build a durable plywood based lightweight camping trailer.  Think of the build plans as a recipe; follow the instructions and out pops a ready to use camping trailer.

To help people as they plan their Explorer Box project, I’ve created an “Explorer Box Trailer Collection” thread on the Tventuring forum.  With build related information and an index of customer build threads that I am aware of. It is also full of photos to help you visualize what your Explorer Box project will look like.  When you build yours, be sure to send pictures so we can add them.

  Explorer Box Camping Trailer DIY Compact Camping Trailer with roof top tent closed Explorer Box Camping Trailer DIY Compact Camping Trailer with roof top tent open

Explorer Box Camping Trailer DIY Compact Camping Trailer with kayak and bikes

The Size of Your Vehicle DOES NOT Dictate the Size of your Adventure . . . Anymore

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Improving the Ride Quality of a Harbor Freight Frame

Improving the Ride Quality of a Harbor Freight Frame

Harbor Freight bolt-together trailer frames are a great base for many home-built trailer projects. We specialize in and show people how to use them under DIY Compact Camping Trailers projects. A drawback I found with using them was their stiff riding, noisy stock springs.

So a few years ago, we started making a Harbor Freight Smooth Riding Spring Retrofit Kit. These kits have smooth riding springs matched to the loaded weight capacity of DIY Compact Camping Trailers. They have the added benefit of no annoying banging from the factory loose fit slipper style rear spring mounts.

Recently we’ve improved our Smooth Riding Spring kit by upgrading the Springs.  New premium springs with a longer overall length of 31", smoother ride and available in a 1175 lb (2 leaf) and 1450 lb (3 leaf) GVWR / load weight. The springs are available in our Harbor Frame Frame Retrofit kits or separately for welding your own frame.

DIY Trailer Frame Spring Kit Harbor Freight DIY

DIY Trailer Frame Spring Kit Harbor Freight

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