Dinoot Welded Frame Drawings

Compact Camping Concepts, LLC
For proficient welders, we can assist with a budget friendly Dinoot Trailer project by providing frame drawings and material sizing information for welding your own frame.You can also use this information to have a friend or fabrication shop build your frame locally.

Here is how we do it:  If you have already purchased your tub kit, we will send you a copy. For folks that have not yet purchased their tub kit, use this to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit towards the purchase of your tub-kit.

We will email you the frame drawings and material sizing information as soon as possible after receiving your payment.

Note - Disclaimer:
Only proficient welders capable of running structurally sound weld beads should weld their own frame.  We have no way of assessing your capabilities or work quality, only you know if you are capable of welding your own roadworthy, safe frame.


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